GLOMO Awards – The Celebration of Mobile Excellence

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It is a pleasure once again to be invited to be a judge for the prestigious GLOMO awards which are announced at the MWC which is taking place last week of June in Barcelona.

This year I am judging the category 2d. Best Mobile Innovation for Connected living and expect to find a wide range of entries from around the World, each addressing a specific challenges in their own way in their own environment.

I always come away from judging feeling privileged, having had access to the high quality entries.

As a judge I would encourage you to also take a closer look, as ultimately these awards are there to celebrate how the mobile industry makes a difference through ingenuity, excellence and creativity.

Here are my 4 tips:

1. I suggest you review the categories:

2. The short lists were announced on 24th May.

Delve a little further to discover what these applicants have submitted as although only one entry can win a category you can be rest assured, they will be accompanied by worthy challengers which you might find even more worthy.

3. List invitation:  

To help you learn more about the fantastic entries we have compiled some more information about the shortlist per category which we are happy to share free of charge.  Please fill out the form below.

Including categories: 

1c) Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough

1d) Best Network Software Breakthrough

1e) Best mobile and Network Software Breakthrough (under $10 million annual global revenue)

                    2a) Best Mobile Operator Service for Connected Consumers 

                    2b) Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Economy 

                    2c) Best Mobile Innovation for the Connected Human 

                    2d) Best Mobile Innovation for Connected Living 

                    3b) Disruptive Device Innovation 

                    4a) Best Mobile Innovation for Emerging Markets 

                    4b) Best Mobile Innovation supporting Emergency or Humanitarian Situations 

                    4c) Best Use of Mobile for Accessibility and Inclusion 

                    4d) Best Mobile Innovation for Climate Action 

                    6b) Diversity in Tech-Discretionary Award

                    6c) Best Innovation for Covid-19 Pandemic Response and Recovery 


4. Should you want more info I would recommend you contact who can help put you in touch with the right person within the individual organisation.

5. Now it’s your turn, what are you working on which needs celebrating? Hope you are able to submit next year?

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