Making your potential in Europe a reality

We can unlock opportunities and boost your access to Telecom, Enterprise and Mobile markets in Europe. Through our ready-to-go service you are tapping into our network and leveraging our know-how to reduce the time to build and foster relationships and convert leads into customers and revenue.

Lead Generation

Systematic and Focused Business Development

It is not always who you know, but the people they know who count. Currently we have more than 100,000 1st and 2nd degree connections in Linkedin who work in Telecoms. It takes time for new prospects to build confidence and appreciate the value you can provide. Adopting a systematic and focused engagement approach is the best way of building business relationships which can be monetised.

Targeted Prospecting

Identifying the right person in the right company at the right time who has a specific problem which needs addressing is an art supported by science. Based on your success up to now and our knowledge of the market, we work with you to define the right target audience.  

Online Events – Podcasts and Webinars

Digital engagement is a valuable capability in being able to reach a wider audience. We help our clients with the complete journey of setting up such events, creating the content and scripts and actually hosting or presenting. This is a valuable source for lead generation.

Trade Shows and External Events

We excel at networking and believe trade shows and events are still of value to your business. For us these trade shows and events are an excellent way of building and fostering relationships and keeping up-to-date in a fast moving industry.  

As part of our representation work we can help you decide in what capacity you should attend or have presence at such events. This can include us being your sole representative at the event.

Defining the right target audience to identify the right person in the right company.

The complete journey of creating podcasts and webinars as a source of valuable lead generation.

Networking at trade shows and events and representing clients.

20 years of telecoms experience.

Offices in the UK and Germany to cover Europe within and outside the EU.

Successful meetings using the SPIN sales technique.

Nurture Sustainable Business Relationships

Business Representation – extending your reach

Based on trust we are used to working autonomously, representing the interests of our clients and acting on their behalf in front of your prospects and customers. You are in safe hands.

Expert Knowledge of Telecoms

With more than 25 years in telecoms, our founder likes to keep a keen eye on innovation and developments across the industry. His work is recognised through his honorary judging role for the prestigious GSMA GloMo awards where he has been on the panel for the categories smart cities, best mobile app for connected living and mobile app innovation. He also likes to share his insights and was one of the first to blog on 6G as early as 2014 when 5G was still not fully specified.

Key to his thinking is the question, ‘How do operators reinvent themselves to be ready for tomorrow’s challenges?’

Our work and interests span a broad range of topics from Core Networks and OSS/BSS applications through to end-user apps. With the support of a network of technical experts we help software providers to find new opportunities to support operators as they transition to Digital, IT and Cloud Services.  

Location – Europe

We have offices in both the UK and Germany which means we are well positioned to cover the needs of Western, Central and Northern Europe within and outside the EU and work with partners to cover other European countries.

Nurture Sustainable Business Relationships

They say you can only make a first impression once. SPIN selling is one of the sales techniques which we use. This helps in framing the meeting in terms of technical requirements and business outcomes. A successful meeting will lead to a set of actions to move the opportunity forward.    

Close Deals

Achieve Results

No two deals are the same. Decision making is becoming more interdependent and, therefore, you need to reach and convince a wider audience than before. We apply the Miller & Heimann Account selling methodologies and provide the necessary advice as to how the deal should be commercially structured including contracts.

This is supported by Gartner research that the “The typical buying group for a complex B2B solution involves six to 10 decision makers”.
Winning Together

Our commercial agreement with you is structured to recognise knowledge, value and effort and incentivise joint success. Let us see what we can achieve together.

Applying the Miller & Heimann Account selling methodologies to commercially construct deals including contracts.

A commercial agreement for joint success.

Retaining a continued customer relationship for effective consultative account selling.

Retain & Build Network

IFG Consulting Europe believes in building long term prosperous relationships.

Acquiring a new customer can cost five times more than retaining an existing customer. Therefore, it is important to continue the investment and engagement after the sale is closed. Once a customer is referenceable, this should be used as a trigger to explore how the business relationship can be extended into other areas of business through effective consultative account selling. This might explain the following research which suggests that increasing customer retention by 5% can increase profits from 25-95%.

Success Stories

Christophe Hendriks
Christophe HendriksCEO ESCAUX
Read More
I have been working with IFG Consulting Europe for a number of years. IFG was repeatedly able to get us in front of new prospects across Europe to showcase our complex versatile solution. Using the right blend of technical understanding and persistent consultative sales approach they are masters of unlocking and opening doors at big companies which were beyond our reach. They were also very supportive in helping us conclude negotiations to win deals.
Hamish White
Hamish WhiteCEO Mobilise Global
Read More
We wanted to grow our pipeline and accelerate sales by reducing the time between qualifying a lead and winning a deal. IFG Consulting Europe was able to quickly understand our proposition, engage with prospects and, notably, lead the sales engagement to successfully win a new tier 1 account.

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