Events make the world go around

Whether virtual or in-person, events are important as they allow us to network, foster relationships and win new clients. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss how these can effectively be used as part of your business development strategy to achieve your objectives.

MVNOs World Congress Logo

MVNOs World Congress

1-3 November 2021 – Berlin

98% of those attending the MVNOs World Congress view it as important to their business, including us. With 350+ leading MVNOs operators, service providers, enterprises, vendors, analysts and associations attending it is an in-person networking opportunity which can’t be missed.

At the event you can learn from sessions lead by industry leading experts and experience the products hands on. The events Keynote agenda will bring insights into the MVNO landscape and how the industry is adapting. You can choose the topics which you’d like to learn more about.

Along with the in-person event they are also making it possible to attend virtually. The virtual platform uses intelligent AI software to network, chat live and use video call. If you are unable to join sessions live you can watch them on demand which maximises networking time. All of the virtual event is also available to those able to attend in person.


28 February – 3 March 2022 – Barcelona

The Mobile World Congress is the largest and most important event of the telecom and tech industry calendar. In 2019 there were over 109,000 attendees which included 8,000 CEOs and 2,400 exhibitors.

In the mobile and tech industry this event is the best place for networking opportunities. The event attracts over 2,400 leading companies every year including some of the most influential decision makers in the world.

This event is where companies from around the world gather and connect to do business. Build relationships with some of the most influential decision makers, discover new products, technology and ideas and experience these new products and services.

It is not just about doing business, but also learning about what is happening in the industry and where it is going. You can participate in conferences, programmes and seminars lead by some of the top industry leaders.