TeleForum 2024

TeleForum is a great event for the executives of the Operators from Small States to gather, exchange ideas and foster collaboration with like-minded people. IFG Consulting Europe is privileged to take part as a Silver Sponsor at this year’s event in Liechtenstein. 


IFG Consulting Europe

UK & Germany

IFG Consulting Europe is a leading business growth consultancy representing promising software providers selling to the Telecoms, Enterprise and Mobile markets in Europe.


We are delighted to showcase a select number of vendors who believe they can add value to TeleForum members:

Blue Telecom Consulting


Blue TC provides subject matter experts and advanced engineering and software product development capabilities in user data management, network AI and security.  

Download the BlueTC data sheet.



Inmanta empowers telecom operators and service providers to automate and streamline the end-to-end delivery of their services. Through their advanced orchestration technology, they eliminate complexity to minimise time-to-market and total cost of ownership.

Download the Inmanta data sheet.


Belgium & Greece

Commsquare’s mission is to maximise network performance and customer experience by measuring, monitoring, analysing and optimising your 5G network. Their products include DataMon, an easy-to-use passive monitoring solution with low HW footprint, and DAP, an active test robot for 24×7 unattended network monitoring.

Download the Commsquare data sheet.

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