The future of IoT is in plant power 

IoT Plant Power

Satellite connectivity is currently at the forefront of the space economy market, opening its door to a wide variety of sectors to take advantage of the range of services that it can offer.   With providing reliable and precise positioning for location, climate and emergency monitoring information, this type of global connectivity has the potential to […]

Global reception for 4G handsets within 2 years – AST SpaceMobile

AST SpaceMobile

Why is this article worth writing? Up to now, there has been an assumption that an expensive and bulky specialist phone is needed to connect to a satellite. What AST SpaceMobile is proposing is the ability to connect from a normal 4G-enabled phone to a satellite. This is a game changer and will help the […]

GLOMO Awards – The Celebration of Mobile Excellence

It is a pleasure once again to be invited to be a judge for the prestigious GLOMO awards which are announced at the MWC which is taking place last week of June in Barcelona. This year I am judging the category 2d. Best Mobile Innovation for Connected living and expect to find a wide range […]

Heavens Above – What’s after 5G?

I have been considering writing a blog over the festive period and have at last settled on a topic which although forward looking, is also timely. I am out-trumping the industry race towards 5G and hailing the arrival of the subsequent network generation called unsurprisingly 6G which could be a reality within 20 years. You […]

What is the ‘weather forecast’ for your network

While watching the weather forecast on TV, I suddenly wondered whether anyone has tried to create a ‘weather forecast’ for their network, overlaid with a ‘traffic report’. With the British fascination with both the weather and traffic jams, this concept could be a real hit – especially if presented by a well-groomed, articulate, enthusiastic ‘forecaster’. […]

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