TeleForum – Liechtenstein 2023

A unique opportunity to get your solution in-front of 18 Telecom Operator CXOs from Small States.

The TeleForum is an invite only event. IFG Consulting Europe will be going as a sponsor and is looking for software providers who are interested in having their solution represented by us at the event.

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Payment and Commitment Deadline: 15th September 2023

What is the TeleForum?

The Forum for Telecom Operators of Small States, known as the ‘TeleForum’ was established through a meeting held in London in September 2000. It was set up for participants to share experiences, address issues faced by small operators, undertake group initiatives and lobby for common interests.

The TeleForum encourages initiatives such as knowledge sharing, consultations, training, pooling of resources, and discussions on the legal, regulatory, technical and commercial environment of the telecommunications industry in small states. Discussions and workshops are held at conferences held at least once a year where members and major players in the industry engage, share experiences and identify solutions.


Members of the TeleForum

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