MWC – Is the Telco industry still dreaming?

In an era of digital technology, the MWC 2024 conference posed a poignant question: Is the Telco industry still caught in its own dream? The blog explores whether telecoms, the backbone of our hyper-connected world, is truly fulfilling its promises or if it’s merely advancing at a dreamer’s pace.

Applying best practices in AI/ML to grow in B2B Telecoms

Network X 23 Colt presentation Mizu

On the second day of this year’s Network X there was one presentation which really stood out to me. It was a presentation by Mizu from Colt on their active use of AL/ML to support their sales and marketing efforts to ultimately reduce costs and increase revenue. With B2B being a focus of IFG Consulting […]

MVNOs World Congress 2023 Introduction

MVNOs World Congress 2023

Do you know how to stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities in the MVNO telecom space? I was honoured to have been asked to chair the 2nd day of this year’s MVNOs World Congress which is the leading event for insights and networking in the MVNO industry. In my 10 min introduction to […]

The future of IoT is in plant power 

IoT Plant Power

Satellite connectivity is currently at the forefront of the space economy market, opening its door to a wide variety of sectors to take advantage of the range of services that it can offer.   With providing reliable and precise positioning for location, climate and emergency monitoring information, this type of global connectivity has the potential to […]

Cost-effective global IoT coverage

IoT network coverage

Global network coverage has until now been limited with less than 15% of the earth’s surface area being supported by terrestrial transmission. Satellite is now coming into its own with the promise of enabling global low-powered network connectivity. This will connect the unconnected and enable IoT applications in remote parts of the world.    There […]

The hidden challenges of moving to fibre

Fibre Network City

The advent of cost-effective fibre optics offers guaranteed reliability and security and a greater speed and distance of transmission. It has now replaced copper in every aspect of network distribution and reception. Both in terms of innovative cabling installations and upgrades and thanks to its increasing cost-effectiveness and improvements in connectivity, fibre optic cable has […]

The New Way of Funding your Business

I recently went to the Business Show 2014 at the Excel in London.  The show is full of companies with ideas to help you grow your business. One area which should be close to every business owner’s heart is funding, as without funding you do not have the fuel to fan the flames of growth. […]

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