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Find out a bit more about BlueTC, an advanced telecoms engineering company that IFG Consulting Europe will be representing at this year's TeleForum.
BlueTC Madrid

About the company

BlueTC is an Advanced Telecoms Engineering company, which is part of a larger group of associated businesses to leverage scale and capabilities. They work on core development of next generation telecoms software which puts them at the cutting edge of the industry.

Their team works flexibly and always welcomes the opportunity to discuss clients’ challenges and define an approach which meets their individual requirements. Customers value their unique blend of understanding across the telecoms and IT/ IP domains which is a prerequisite as these 2 industries become one.

With headquarters in Madrid, Spain, BlueTC has Near Shore Software Development facilities in Malaga and the Canary Islands along with sales offices in the UK and Sweden to support their customers. The company is headed up by Miguel Ángel García Matamoros (CEO) and Ricardo Silva Sanz (Operations Director).


BlueTC’s mission is to create value for their customers in Engineering software and apply know-how in the areas of Design, Configuration and Operations in order to facilitate CSPs and Technology Providers with high performance Next Generation Digital Networks.

BlueTC’s success relate to its excellence principles which they apply to everything they do:

  • Customer driven – Meeting and exceeding customer expectations every day
  • Independent – Creative and results orientated problem solving approach.
  • Software DNA – In-depth software development skills and processes.
  • Proven experience – Applied telecoms network knowledge and experience.
  • Flexible – Sustainable joint success collaboration models.
  • Cost effective – Pragmatic approach to tools and methodologies.


BlueTC offers three main services in their main competency areas of NW design, configuration and operation, CI/CD telco cloud and e2e services & payload.

Product Development

Product Development is at the heart of BlueTC’s DNA, due to their breadth and depth of knowledge delivering world class carrier grade software which is being used by leading CSP’s globally though their strong relationship working for the leading European NEV.

With regards to the software lifecycle, they take a holistic approach in relation to continuous development, integration and deployment and have honed their work practices and methods to allow their software development pipelines to seamlessly interlink with those of their clients with an emphasis on telco cloud and digital skills.

BlueTC can work as an extension of their client’s inhouse capabilities, fill knowledge gaps through out-tasking, and provide an E2E service and support package applying agile methodologies and agreeing appropriate KPIs and flexible commercial arrangements.

Case study 1


Currently, one of the biggest challenges Telecom Software Product Development is facing is managing the demands and pace of development and operations in parallel, in an environment in which other verticals are vying for the same expertise and competencies from the market. This adds pressure for Telecom software development companies to retain and maintain a fulfilment capability.


The leading European NEV is relying on Blue Telecom Consulting to provide them with a nearshore software development team to augment their own capabilities and extend their in-house expertise. Following an onboarding process during which BlueTC built a smart team of 7-10 data & software engineers to ensure the right team composition for aggregated, disaggregated services and added flexibility, Blue Telecom was able to provide features integrated with the customer’s own software production pipelines in smart sprints.


The near shore service provided augmented development production capacity with low impact on the client’s previous production processes. It allowed the NEV to adopt and maintain a Telecom Production facility in an environment where competition is fierce not only in meeting customer exacting demands and deadlines, but also for acquiring and retaining the best talent. Furthermore, software development production is carried out in Blue Telecom’s own premises and its resilience was tested during the COVID pandemic, in which production continued without impacting the client, thus proving that this near shore model works sharing the same production culture and pipelines seamlessly across organisations within the same time zone.

Subject Matter Expert & Engineering Consultants

Key to any project is ensuring you have the right people with the appropriate skills. BlueTC provides individuals as Subject Matter Experts to tactically fill the internal skills gap or provide resources for longer term engagements.

A sample of expertise they can provide:

  • Senior Project Managers
  • Solution Architects Telco Cloud
  • Solution Integrators Telco Cloud
  • Agile SCRUM Roles
  • DevOps Transformation Consultants
  • IMS Security Experts, Data Scientists
  • Upon Customer request

Case study 2


A leading enterprise focused MVNO with its own core network working had bought a test emulation tool which could test the integrity of the network. The tool itself cost a sum of 5 figures and had huge potential. The problem was that the tool could not be used as the in-house test team had no training and due to the sophistication and complexity it would have taken a long time for their engineers to become proficient.


BlueTC spent some time helping the customer to identify and agree on the test cases which needed to be configured on the testing tool and was also able to find a subject matter expert who knew the test tool very well. BlueTC provided the consultant and the commitment to configure the test tool as a package and the engagement lasted more than 1 year with a knowledge transfer at the end.


The MVNO is now able to maximise the value of its purchase of the test tool and ensure its core network is configured correctly. The MVNO is now self-sufficient and able to make changes to any test case itself as any new test case seems to be a variance of those configured by BlueTC’s subject matter expert.

AI & Security

AI and security are very strongly coupled concepts within Telecoms networks and can be applied in all stages of Design, Development, Configuration and Operations.

Key to the success of any project is to be able to develop and extract data into actionable insights which depend on the overall objective. The three stages of data modelling include Off-line Machine Learning, Online Machine Reasoning and ultimately Zero Touch Service Management as applicable.

BlueTC has a number of interesting use cases which can be classified in the areas of KPI monitoring, Root Cause Analysis and Predictive Analytics.

Case study 3


The main network of the largest Telco in western Europe had decided to move their IMS from a monolithic to a virtual environment. The core IMS being the main function for voice both for consumer and business services. They needed to ensure that the IMS was secure before migrating customers onto the platform. IMS and in particular SIP signalling is inherently difficult to test thoroughly and hence the view was taken to have the system audited by an external independent party.


The customer had already hired another company to help with the verification of the architecture and setup of the systems, however this was a paper-based exercise. BlueTC, who had already engaged with the security team and proven their credentials, was then hired to carry out the comprehensive network tests to highlight any potential security risks. The project was delivered remotely in a structured way over a 3-month period from setup to final report, with the bulk of the testing being automated and more than 16 million testcases carried out.


The audits did find vulnerabilities which, in turn, the Operator needed to evaluate and discuss with the suppliers and decide the best way to resolve any issues. The Operator’s security team are highly satisfied with the service and results and have bought a follow-on audit as part of its commitment to benchmarking against the most complete IMS testing in the telecoms industry.

IFG Consulting Europe will be representing BlueTC at the annual TeleForum which is coming up in June. If you’d like to find out more about the event, BlueTC’s services or have any other questions please get in contact.

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