MVNOs World Congress 2023 Introduction

MVNOs World Congress 2023

Do you know how to stay ahead of the curve and seize opportunities in the MVNO telecom space? I was honoured to have been asked to chair the 2nd day of this year’s MVNOs World Congress which is the leading event for insights and networking in the MVNO industry. In my 10 min introduction to […]

MVNO Opportunities in Germany

Before discussing the business opportunities for MVNOs we need to revisit the historical context of the MVNO scene in Germany. You can argue that Germany was a pioneer and one of the founders of the concept of MVNOs before this niche was defined. When the regulator licensed 2G as part of the provisions it also […]

Is it time to redefine MVNOs to foster innovation?

I had the pleasure of participating in the networking event organised by MVNO Dynamics which included a panel session related to the state of MVNOs in the UK, which triggered me to write this entry. The telecoms industry loves its acronyms, which invariably have different meanings in different contexts and need redefining each time used. […]

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